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At the Western Wall-Jerusalem, Israel

I was born in Russia, in Leningrad – now Saint Petersburg. My parents were totally secular. No one ever talked to me about God; my only knowledge of Him came from books or pictures that I had seen in museums.  From these I had learned that in previous generations there were people who believed that there was a God but I thought civilization has advanced beyond such foolishness. I thought that these were very narrow-minded people who had never studied about evolution and had never read any books apart from the Bible.


In 1989 I lived in Italy as a refugee. God spoke to me in a very unique way, through His true believers and a prophetic dream. But I was not convinced, so I still did not believe. I began to investigate more about Yeshua (Jesus); wanting to know if He was really the one that the Tanach, (Old Covenant), prophesied about. I was quite a sinner, but I was discontent and restless inside. I went back and forth between God and the world.

I wanted to be godly, and yet I was still not ready to give all aspects of my life to Adonai.

After Italy, I lived in Canada and then twenty years in Israel, where after fighting and hesitating about Yeshua for more  than six years, I finally accepted Him after I realized that He is my Lord and my precious Savior, He is the Light of the World, the Bread of Life, the Only Way!  

I knew that I had received the fire of God directly into my heart, and since that moment it is still burning within me.


God brought me from being an atheist in Communistic Russia, and being hateful to my own Jewishness and my country Israel to complete surrendering to Him and His will. And this was a wonderful journey with wonders and miracles.


I am a changed person, a new creation, and it is nothing about me, but it is all about Him!

I have an amazing testimony that I would be glad to share with your Congregation. 

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