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In March 2017 Oxana Eliahu have been featured as the number One of the top ten Messianic Jewish worship artists by the poll which The Messianic Times conducted on Facebook.

Click on the picture below to see the article on The Messianic TImes website.

Oxana said:
"I don't really consider myself number one, ONLY YESHUA IS THE NUMBER ONE! but it was so nice to see so many of my fans voted for me. Thank you so much. This is a big honor for me."

For two weeks in February, The Messianic Times ran an non-scientific poll on Facebook looking for the top ten Messianic Jewish worship artists. The post was shared time and time again as viewers like you tried to boost the support for your favorite musicians. Hundreds cast their votes via comments on the original MT Facebook post, and the tallies have been counted, no hanging chad complications here…

Below are the results of the official, non-scientific MT social media survey to determine who the top ten favorite Messianic mucisian/worship leaders are. We’ve also included a YouTube link of their music for our viewers to get a sample of their stylings.

“And the survey says…” (To quote the long running family game show Family Feud)

#10- Tamrah Alexander (click here to listen to one of Tamrah’s songs)
#9- Joshua Aaron (click here to listen to one of Joshua's songs)
#8- Ted Pearce (click here to listen to one of Ted’s songs)
#7- Ash Soular (click here to listen to one of Ash’s songs)

#6- Paul Wilbur (click here to listen to one of Paul’s songs)
#5- Troy Mitchell (click here to listen to one of Troy’s songs)
#4- Lev Shelo (click here to listen to one of Lev Shelo’s songs)
#3- Hadassah Berne (click here to listen to one of Hadassah’s songs)
#2- Baht Rivka Whitten (click here to listen to one of Baht Rivka’s songs)
#1- Oxana Eliahu (click here to listen to one of Oxana’s songs)

Oxana is a recording artist from Israel, a songwriter, composer and producer of six Albums. Oxana's songs are touching and powerful, healing, and anointing, full of deep emotions and passion. The lyrics are very meaningful, truly inspired by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

Each song is in itself a message of faith, love and hope. Oxana wrote all her songs in Hebrew. Today they are translated into different languages and she sings them also in Spanish, English and Russian.


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