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Every Song Has A Story... 

This Is The Story For "Banner Of Love"

I am not sure how long ago it was. We were ministering at a congregation and after the service a lady gave me this banner, she said something like: "I feel that this banner is for you." I really loved the banner, it's so well done and I was happy to use it as a decoration at my studio, where I work on my music. I quickly looked through the poetry that is on the banner and thought that it was really nice. 


I hung the banner on the wall and it was right in front of the keyboard. I rarely use my keyboard, as I usually just play guitar. I don't play keyboard well enough, but this time I decided to play my keyboard, while working on one of the songs. To Tell the truth, the reason I chose the keyboard instead of my guitar, is that I didn't want to trim my nails. :)


When I sat to play, right in front of my face was this banner. I started reading the words that are on the banner and those words pierced my heart and touched me so deeply, I started singing and playing the song with these words that were on the banner. It felt like I knew the melody and it just came out from my soul. Here is the banner. I would love to find the lovely lady who gave me this beautiful banner. I hope that maybe she will read this story and write back to me. It would be wonderful not just to thank her again for this beautiful banner, but also for my new song.

About Oxana Eliahu

From Communistic Russia and Atheism to
Traveling The World As A Worship Leader

Oxana Eliahu is a singer, worshiper, songwriter, accomplished author, composer and producer of 11 music Albums of praise and worship. She originally penned her songs in Hebrew. Now many of Oxana's songs have been translated into English, Russian, Spanish and French. 

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For the last eight years Oxana and her husband, Boaz, have been traveling to the United States and many other countries sharing her story and singing her songs in four different languages.


 Oxana was born in Russia, lived in many different countries, including  20 years in Israel, where after fighting and hesitating about Yeshua for more than six years, she finally accepted Him as her Jewish Messiah.  

God brought Oxana from being an atheist in Communistic Russia, and being hateful to her own Jewishness and her country Israel to completely surrendering to Him and His will. 

And this was a wonderful journey with wonders and miracles, that she shares with us today.

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