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The Album “On My Knees” – Reviews:

 Olga Kagan – Boston

 Your music is SO SO beautiful! I LOVE IT.  Your signing in SUPER!!!! Your talent is being growing exponentially!! I am happy and very lucky that we met as little kids na Kosmotavtov in 511…Love you!!!

Mary Andreano – Kansas City

I love it, love it. Play it every night when I get into my office to work before bed!  

Connie Shaffer – Indianapolis

Shalom, Oxana, listened to your newest CD.  The instrumentals are excellent!  Loved number 12 especially.  8 and 1 were very good also. (The Spanishy one is so fun to listen to).  Osnat (not sure of her spelling) also has such a smooth voice.  The man also is good.  Beautiful job!  Hope this cd gets played especially in eretz Israel.  It is so lovely.  Messiah's Blessings always,  Connie

Norman George – Tucson, AZ

Which songs from the CD you like the most – It's like asking me which of my children I like the most! 

The song "Come Back Sons" – this one haunts me – the melody, the chords, the rhythm, the stereo effects. The song "To You I'll Give All My Love" –  Osnat Ben-Natan – – her voice control is AMAZING – – love all your songs she sings, the melody and chords and rhythm pull me into the song. The Song "Kiss The Son" – whenever I listen to this, the music gets stuck in my head the rest of the day it is EXTREMELY catchy song and rhythmthe melody is in my normal singing range, so I can sing along with it. The song "You Light Up My Face" – wonderful music – matches lyrics well – unexpected progressions and rhythms 

Ines Indianapolis

Very anointing, bring me close to the Lord and Israel. The whole CD Oxana is a blessing… The songs in Hebrew always is our favorite.. even we dont know hebrew language.. feels like in some way we can identify to Jewish people.. Our favorites: My son 16 years old: number 3 (There is no other Savior), latino style mix with hebrew taste My husband really like number 9 -the song On Our knees;  Steff and I have the same preference: song number 5 You Are Always with me (WE LOVE IT) very powerful, the instruments are enjoyable, acoustic guitar and violin in this song are just perfect. The song number 1:  I dont belong to myself:  is very soft, light song… I love to listen when Im driving, very relax..  Number 8: Shuvu Banim –  beautiful how the instruments come along. number 2:  Our Father In Haven:  I like the melody, very worshipful


Other Reviews:

Jo Sy (July 2014)

The cd "kohaa sel milaa" (The Power of Words" is a very special one , 

i think i havn´t seen (and hear) something so good one anywhere else! 

Roy Gadd (February 2014) I listen to your CD and worship with it everday.  We were so blessed to connect with you both. We pray all is going well and doors are opening for you that no man can shut and not to worry about the doors that are closed, Hashem has you in the palm of His hand.  Blessings and Shalom    

Joy Ndidiamaka Okekearu (December 2013) Thank you for the CD's. Our God has anointed you and has given you a gift of songs inspired by the Holy Spirit. As I listen to the songs, they are filled with anointing and power of the Holy Spirit. The messages in the songs are Words of God. Very powerful, Very moving and inspiring. I hope to meet you in person one day. 




Christie Eisner (October 2013)

Hi Oxana, It was so nice meeting you. You are a very sweet person and God used our time with you to bring healing to our hearts. We are very thankful for that. Also, we enjoyed listening to your music on your web site. You have a beautiful voice.Hope to see you again. Love, Christie

Melody Boatright (October 2013) Oxana your praise and worship is always inspiring. I always loved hearing you sing at congregation.

Les'a Cole (July 2013)  You know what I love about your music – your heart!! There is so much joy; every time I listen to you sing or to one of your songs, it brings a smile to my face!

Ildefonso Castro (December 2012) Oxana's song "Guide me today" is a true blessing to the ear and heart!

Jason T (March 2012) 

Todah Rabah for your inspired worship to our precious Adonai! Thank you for loving G-d and your caring heart. Your passion makes Yashua smile in the Heaven.



Linda (July 2013) 

Oxana,  Just to let you know how much I enjoyed you new CD.  Each song title reads like a sermon title and when you add the words and music the sermon is "fleshed out" and each "sermon song" is an inspiration.  You are very gifted and talented and joyfully so willing to share your gifts.  Shalom!! 

Shmuel (15/04/2011 23:17:00)

Oxana has blessed us by her joyful spirit and love for Yeshua and for people, as richly expressed in her uplifting words, melodies, and arrangements.



Catherine  (26/02/2011)

Oxana, thank you for the songs on you tube, I have been searching earnestly for a new depth in praise and worship, it was so liberating to join in with you as you all worshiped the Lord the true Messiah  God Bless, catherine  Keep on worshiping Him!



Esther Toon (09/12/2010)

I came across a video on youtube and looked up your site. Wonderful story of God's faithfulness in your life! Very encouraging! Here is a link to my blog, a post you may be interested in as well:

Love in Him, Esther



Peter Glass (11/10/2010)

I want to bless you my sister in Jesus, lift his name!

Greetings from Ireland


Christine Colbert (07/10/2010)

A most appealing site! Thank you for sharing your walk of faith.

Margaret Lindsay Balfour

(07/10/2010 14:35:00)

Happy to have found your website

love and Shalom

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