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Oxana Eliahu In her autobiographical work of fiction, she uses the name Vita instead of Oxana, in memory of her grandmother and in honor of her family heritage.

The Kaminsky family lived under Communism and behind the iron curtain for generations. Vita and everyone she knew thought people who believed in God were ignorant and primitive. She hated being a Jew
and despised the idea of going to Israel. In the late 1980’s, when Perestroika allowed Jews to leave Russia, she had big dreams for success.

Looking for love and wealth, she left Russia for America, but nothing went as planned. Her life was a wild ride—and an amazing testimony to the incredible power and persistence of the loving God she refused to acknowledge. For years He let her live in the messes she made, each time rescuing her at the last minute, until she finally called out to Him.
Vita’s journey of transformation with dreams, wonders and miracles, dramatic relationships, divorce, and death ends with a divine love story

Paperback of the book "THE DESTINATION"

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