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We are so happy to let you all know that we just produced an audiobook “THE DESTINATION.” It consists of 4 disks.
This audiobook is great for listening in your car when you travel, or  it can be played via computer or even a simple boom box. It’s also available as mp3 files, that can be downloaded to your phone or ipad, or ipod or any other device.
When we were ministering at the Door of Hope Messianic Congregation in Eaton, Colorado, we met Kelly Ferrari Mills, one of the leaders of the group.
They were having a special treat, presenting before God and giving away some of the gifts or fruit of the gifts that they had gotten from above. I also presented one of my latest CDs. All the gifts were on the table and each person could pick one of the gifts that other people brought. 
When Kelly was presenting her gift – it was her audio book called “KEEPING WATCH OVER ISRAEL” – she added, “I really feel that I should give this to our guest Oxana Eliahu.”
Wow, I was very touched and happy to get such great present.
I really loved Kelly’s voice and her clear pronunciation, so I asked her if she would be interested to record my book.
After she read my book “The Destination” she wrote me:
“I have read the whole book and enjoyed it so much! I laughed and cried through your amazing journey. I have to tell you that your story of courtship with Boaz is incredibly similar to mine with John…  We seem to have so much in common…”
She made an audio sample for me and it sounded great, so we made a deal. I will produce a music video for Kelly and she will record my book.
If you would like to watch a video that I have done for Kelly you can go to


$32.95 Regular Price
$28.99Sale Price
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