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February 16, 2016

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Angels and a Snowstorm

February 16, 2016

It was January 2014 in Branson, Missouri. The weather was nice and sunny. On Shabbat we ministered at a local Messianic Congregation. Next morning we planned to head home to Peculiar, Missouri. In the morning nothing was showing the storm was coming, except it became a little cooler.


Around 11 O’clock when we were almost ready to leave the snow started falling. During just one hour while we packed our suitcases and cleaned the room, everything outside became white. Huge snowflakes covered everything.

The little condo where we stayed was located in a very low valley.

Looking outside the window we wondered, “How in the world we’ll climb up the hill and get out of here.”

We hurried up taking all our bags to the car and started driving. We prayed for God’s protection and travel mercy.

Somehow we managed to get to the top of the hill, which was quite an accomplishment. Then another hill was before us, where two vehicles were wiggling around in the middle of the road, as they could not climb up. It was very scary, but surprisingly, we passed those cars and continued toward the highway. Everywhere around us there we cars stuck in the snow at the edge of the street, some were right in the middle of the road, trying to maneuver without success.  

Snow was falling rapidly making the vision of the road very difficult.  

When we finally got near the intersection to turn to the highway, we found ourselves in a jam of cars that did not move for 20 minutes.

We had waited a little more. It did not look good at all as more cars were blocking the road.

“Oh, no… what should we do now?”

Suddenly, Boaz turned around and started going to the opposite direction. “Where are you going, Boaz?” I was terrified.

“I am not sure.” He continued driving.

After a few blocks he turned to the left and we started going down the hill. Boaz wanted to stop, but he couldn’t. We were descending to a big valley.

“I didn’t realize that it’s such a deep valley.” Boaz said disappointedly. “It looks like we wouldn’t be able to come back because the hill is very steep.” 

“Boaz, do you know where this road will take us? I asked with hope in my voice.  

“I have no idea.” He said.

 ‘Lovely‘ I thought and started praying harder. I prayed loudly, “Abba we trust in You. We believe that you can take us out of this storm and bring us home in peace….”

“Boaz, do we have enough gasoline?” I worried.

“It should be enough.”


Somehow he managed to stop. While we were sitting in the car, thinking what to do next, a man approached us and asked, “Do you need help?”

Boaz asked him, “Do you know if this road will take us to the North of the main highway?”

“It will take you to the South of the highway. But at least, you will get to the same highway, just much further South that you need.” The man tried to encourage us. “Actually, I am going there too, so if you want you can follow me.” This was quite inspiring so we followed him. He was going pretty slowly and finally on the second hill he got stuck; his car moved right and left. He could not get to the top of the hill and lastly stopped and couldn’t move at all.


We didn’t know what to do. If we stopped, we’d be stuck there together. We wouldn’t be able to help him, so we passed him and continued driving forward. I felt bad that we had to leave him behind.

The road was going up and down. On one of the hills we started sliding down fast, while a car was stuck right in the middle of the hill, on the same lane where we were. Its big front lights shined right into our faces. It felt like this was the end of the story and perhaps even the end of our lives. We surely were going to collide. We tried to stop, but it wasn’t possible. Our car was descending down the hill right towards this other vehicle, which was stuck there.

I don’t know how to express what I felt. The only thing I could do was to pray and proclaim God’s mercy on us out loud and ask for God to hear this prayer. I was not sure how we managed to squeeze between this car and the edge of the road, but it looked like we were passing all the cars and moving forward, in spite of the fact that our car was not even four wheel drive, like others that were stuck on the road.


Finally, there was only one car on the road; it was our old Chrysler 300M.

The view had changed; it looked like we were driving through the forest, in the middle of nowhere, no houses, no stores, no civilization.

It seemed like we entered the land of Narnia.

I looked at the map. It showed no roads before us.


“Boaz do you have a clue where we are?” I was frightened.


“No, I don’t. What your GPS is showing?” Boaz asked.

“It’s showing nothing, literally nothing. Can you please stop and take a look?” I begged.


“If I stop, we would be stuck here forever.” Boaz said without looking at me. He could not take his eyes off of the road even for a second. At every moment, every hill and turn there was a danger, a possibility to slide off the road or to meet another car in front of us. 

Finally Boaz said, “I think I know where we are going.”

“Where?” I asked impatiently.

 “We are probably going down toward a huge lake right at the bottom of the mountain. By the way, it’s a very beautiful place.”

I didn’t care if it’s a beautiful place. I wanted out of there.


There was another big hill and we were going down, sliding with no way to stop at the stop sign at the bottom of the hill.

What we needed was that no car would be there at the same moment when we were flying by. I thought it my last moments in life. I wished I could call my kids, but I didn’t have time, as prayer was the most important in that moment. I had to cry out to my Savior.

We hardly could see anything through the window except snow on the ground, in the air and everywhere around us.

Praise God no cars were on the crossing road when we tried to make a left turn.

We made it. I sighed.

We drove about a mile and finally saw the huge lake with a long bridge across it. There was no other way, but go on this bridge, which didn’t seem like a solid construction at all.

‘When will this nightmare be over?’ I couldn’t believe it is happening to me.

I knew that now we have to climb the mountain, which meant climbing up and up on the road where from one side there was a mountain and from the other side was nothing but huge valley. Just a little sliding can be our last sliding ever…  It was not funny. Many different thoughts went through my mind.

‘Why would God want us to die here in this Narnia? What did I do wrong? Should we call kids and our parents to say ‘Goodbye?’

I prayed aloud again, proclaiming our faith in God, saying that we fully trusted in Him, that we believed that He didn’t bring us here to minister and influence people’s lives so in the end our ministry would end in this valley.

Was I scared? Yes I was. The most dramatic moment was when we started claiming the mountain. I tried not to look down at the valley.

Suddenly I had a vision. I saw four angels pushing our car. Two of them were in the back of the car, and one of each side of the car. 

They were huge giant angels, very strong. They were whiter than snow, glowing like a lamp and at the same time they looked almost transparent.


After about an hour and a half, we finally got to the highway where there were more adventures. How we were passing everybody with our old two-wheel drive Chrysler nobody knew. Only God’s miracle could save us from so many life and death situations.

When we got out of the storm, and got to Springfield, there was like a different world, a regular sunny day had no sign of any storm at all. People couldn’t understand where we came from with all the ice stuck everywhere on our car. It looked weird.


I told Boaz, “You are surely an amazing driver, you’ve done an excellent job, but I can’t give you the full credit, because I know that physically and naturally, we would never be able to make it out of there without those Angels.”

I just wanted to give thanks to our awesome God and bless His Holy Name for sending His Angels to help us through this snowstorm.  




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