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       for the  Album “Sh'ma Israel"

1. Sh’ma Israel

Music and Lyrics by Oxana Eliahu


Sh’ma Israel Elohai x 2

Sh’ma Israel x 2   Elohai

Baruch Shem Adonai

Le-Olam Va-Ed

Hit-ka-desh Shim-cha

Melech HaOlam


Tavo Malchut-cha

Yi-a-se Re-tzon-cha

K’mo b’sha-maim

Ken b’Aretz

Sh’ma Israel Elohai x 2

Sh’ma Israel x 2



You are an awesome God

You are a great I am

Blessed be Your Name

Forever and Ever

Let Your Kingdom come

Let Your will be done

On Earth as it is in Heaven


Sh’ma Israel Elohai x 2

Sh’ma Israel x 2 Elohai

Baruch Shem k’vod

Malchuto Le-Olam Va-Ed x 2


(Instrumental Modulyatzia)


Sh’ma Israel Elohai x 2

Sh’ma Israel x 2



2. There is no other Savior

Music and Lyrics By Oxana Eliahu

Based on Isaiah  43:1-3


You  created me, 

You’ve summoned me by my name;

I will not fear, for have been redeemed;

When I pass through the waters,

    You will be with me;

When I pass through the rivers,

    I will not drown


For You’re, Adonai Elohai

Holy One of Israel, my Savior

You are my Lord, You’re Adonai, Ata Adonai

There was no one before You 

No one will be after You

You are my Lord, You’re Adonai, Ata Adonai 

There is no other Savior

Ein Biladecha Moshia


You’ve  created me, 

You’ve summoned me by my name;

I will not fear, for I’ve been redeemed;

When I walk through the fire,

I will not be burned;

The flames will not harm me, not consume me


כי אתה אדוני אלוהי

קדוש ישראל מושיעני   

אתה אדוני

לפניך לא נוצר אל

ואחריך לא יהיה

אתה אדוני

ואין בלעדיך מושי

3. On Our Knees

Music and Lyrics By Oxana Eliahu

Every day the world grows more stressful

Only with God can we find shelter

May we always walk in the Holy Spirit

Opening our hearts to Adonai


Even when we go through trials

Abba, give us strength

To joyfully worship You

Bless us, Father, and help our faith

Grow stronger

May Your Spirit illuminate our hearts


We are your people we are your children

Abba, help us turn back to You

You are the God of Love

Your mercy is endless

We desperately need Your salvation


We come before You now

We are on our knees

Immanuel, beloved Adonai

Forgive us Father, we are lost without You

Receive us back into Your Arms


Almighty God El Shadai

We desperately need Your Salvation

We praise Your Name

Your Holy Name

We worship You, Adonai


אנא אלי, אנא אלי, אנא הבא לעמך ישועתך





4. Joy In my Heart

Lyrics and Music by Oxana Eliahu


King of Kings and Creator of all

You are the guardian of my soul

You are the highest God

You reign over all


My mind is stayed on You all day

You know my thoughts, the words I say.

Yor’re the well-spring of life

God You are, yes You are the way


My heart is filled with so much joy

My heart overflows with You, Yeshua

You’ve given me a new heart

Your Holy Spirit within me!


To You I  give my all

To You I dedicate my life

Because You are my Lord,

I’ll follow You all my life


You’re the best friend I’ll ever find

You’re always faithful and kind

You reign from high above,

Always care for me in love

5. You our Refuge

Lyric and Music By Oxana Eliahu 

(based on Psalm 91)


We praise you Abba, Adonai Eloheinu

For Your Glorious, Holy name

Come and fight for us, for your people Israel

For the sake of Your Holy Name!


You are the only true God.

We need you so much today!

Help us, oh Abba Elohim

Please save your people - Israel!


You are our refuge. You are our fortress

You are our God in whom we trust                              x2

Please command Your angels concerning Your people

Guard us, Abba, in all our ways;

Rescue us, Adon Olam, punish the wicked, protect our sons

For we acknowledge Your Holy Name.


We calling on You, Emanuel!

We need you so much today!

Help us, oh Abba Elohim

Please save your people - Israel!


6. All Things Work Together For Good

Lyrics Oxana Eliahu

Music  Sasha Atlas

If sometimes when life is hard,

It seems there is no way out

Stay on God’s promise and be strong.

Please don’t ever lose your hope!



Stand stable, stand fast,

With complete faith,

For the one who believes in Adonai,

All things work together for good


Look at Yeshua, for how He suffered.

He endured rejection and pain

He died for my sins, he died for me,

So I am forgiven and I am free


He defeated darkness and death

He made everything new

He died on the tree, He died for me

I’ll follow Him in everything.


7. B'Shem Yeshua - בשם ישוע

מילים ולחן : אוקסנה אליהו

מבוסס על  ישעיהו ב' 4

Music & Lyrics By Oxana Eliahu


כל הבריאה מלאה באסונות,

העולם כולו מלא במלחמות.

אנו, אדון, כל כך זקוקים לך

הו, הלוואי תבוא כבר מלכותך.


בשם ישוע, בשם שמעל כל שם,

אני פונה אליך, אל עליון,

ריבון עולם. אתה רואה הכל,

אדוני, אתה הכל יכול.


אנא, אלי, עצור את הדמעות,

יֵעשה רצונך עלי אדמות.



וכיתתו חרבות לאיתים

וחניתותיהם למזמרות.

לא ישא גוי אל גוי חרב

ולא ילמדון עוד מלחמה.


B’shem Yeshua

B’shem mee al kol shem

Anee pone elekha El Eliyon

Ribon Olam Ata roe hakol

Adonai, Ata hakok yakhol


B’shem Yeshua

B’shem mee al kol shem

Anee pone elekha El Eliyon

Ana Eli atzor et ha d’maot

Asse et retzonkha alei adamot


They will beat their swords into plowshares

 their spears into pruning hooks

nations shall not fight against nations  

neither shall they learn war anymore 


Kol ha-b’riya m’le-a b’asonot

HaOlam male b’milkhamot

Annu Adon, kol kakh z’kukim lekha

Oh, allevai, tavo k’var mal-khut-kha


B’shem Yeshua, The name above all names

We cry out Adon Olam  

Please stop the tears, 

Come and change this world 

 Let Your kingdom come on this earth 


8. Calling Your By Name  - קורא לך בשמך

Music & Lyrics By Oxana Eliahu

אני בא לפניך כחוטה

אך עדיין אני חי בשבילך

כשאתה הולך איתי ליבי שר

כשאני הולך איתך יש שלום בליבי

מהלל אותך מתאהב בך

וקורא לך בשמך

ישוע ישוע ישוע אדוני

כן אתה אדון חיי לתמיד

אחריך אני אלך עד הסוף

הנני אבא, לרשותך

השתמש בי אדון

למען מלכותך


I come before you, Abba, as a sinner,

But I live my life for you

As you work with me my heart is singing 

As I work with you I sing in my heart

Praising you, loving you calling your name

Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua Adonai

9. God is Love

Lyrics and Music by Oxana Eliahu


My God, You always loved me

You gave me everything

You cared deeply, every day

So that I’d never fail

My hardest and my darkest times

You’ve been by my side.

In spite of all, in spite of all

I turned to my own way.


You never gave up on me

You made my battles yours

In every path that I walked

Your eye was on me

Abba, I rejected You, I betrayed You

Your perfect love never failed

Your mercy only grew.


People told me you exist,

But I didn’t care

Self-absorbed and full of pride

I had no need of you

Your heart bled for me

But I didn’t see

No matter what I did

Your love pursued me


 “I love you so very much”

You shouted from above

I couldn’t recognize your voice

I didn’t know Your love

 “You’re so precious to me”

You whispered in my ear

In spite of all, in spite of all

I turned to my own way.


After all that I have done

You should have hated me

You could have abandoned me

And let me lose my soul.

My arrogance, my pride, my sins

You forgave them all!

You still called me “Your beloved”

You gave your life for me


10. Recipe for Love
Music and Lyrics By Oxana Eliahu

In this world there is so much pain and sorrow
So many things frustrate and let us down
Only God knows our hearts, our deepest longings

He brings us back to His heart, where we belong 

He's the true light, the one and only way
He's our great hope and our sovereign King
Eternal guide, the perfect pattern

His Word is the recipe for love

 Amazing love that never ends,

Brings warmth into our soul
Renews our thoughts transforms our lives,

Heals and makes us whole
Abba, let your Kingdom come,

Let Your will be done,
Fill us with your perfect peace

 That we may dwell in love

A true love that grows, that never fails;

It bears all things, it's quick to forgive
It seeks truth, it doesn't act unseemly;

Neither does it demand its own way

Eternal love that never loses hope,

Always faithful -- never giving up
It's not proud, boastful, or jealous --

Love is patient, merciful and kind


Let our world become more like heaven
The way God designed it to be                 
As we choose to truly love our neighbors
God's kingdom increasingly we'll see.


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